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Pricing Table Preview

ARPrice provides real time preview of pricing table. It also provides facility to view template in responsive layout. After making necessary changes, you will able to view your template preview either of 3 ways:

  • As you have seen at Template Selection section you will able to preview original provided template from list of templates
  • Also you can preview your saved template from list of templates you have saved.
  • At ARPrice template editor top right corner you will find a Preview Button which gives you instant preview. There is no need to save your changes before looking at Preview.

ARPrice - Desktop Preview

As you can see in picture ARPrice provides facility to preview in responsive layout. So, you have three layout button at top left corner on preview modal which are following,

  • Desktop View :

    Here you can get look of your template in desktop view.

  • Tablet View :

    Here you can see how your template will look in tablet view.

  • Mobile View :

    Same way here you can see how your template will look in mobile view.