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Header Settings

Header Settings

To customize the header section of a particular column, please hover over the header section of the column you will get a button visible in left/right side for Header Settings.

ARPrice - Header Settings

Column Title :

Add/change the content of the header from here ( for each toggle step if toggle price is enabled ). Also, add media or font icons in header content from the given options below at there.

Add Media :

On click here, you will get pop-up where you can select/upload an image and customize dimension in pixel. Click on the Add button to add your selected image into your header content.

Add Font Icon :

On click here, you will get pop-up where you can select an icon from lots of icons listed of the following types. When you click on any icon you will be able to customize the size of the icon and add an icon into your header content.

ARPrice provides following icons,

  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Material Design Icons
  • Typicons
  • Ionicons

At caption column,

You will find more options to customize your caption column header content which are following,

  • Text Alignment
  • Font Family
  • Font Size
  • Font Style

Media Settings

ARPrice provides some media supporting templates where you will get Media Settings option visible on the hover header section of the particular column from where you can customize your Shortcode section in header by adding image, icon or any other supporting media.

ARPrice - Media Settings

Let’s see how media can be added or customized in the Shortcode section.

Additional Short code :

Here you have textarea where media/icons can be added from below options there. Font icons can be added in the same way as described in header settings.

Add Media :

For media supporting templates, this will open modal to add a Shortcode of media in additional Shortcode. The detail description of this topic provided in the Add Shortcode section at the bottom.

Style / Size:

In some templates, Shortcodes can be shaped from the Style option where you have the following styling option.

  • Circle (Bordered)
  • Circle (Solid)
  • Square (Bordered)
  • Square (Solid)
  • Rounded Square (Bordered)
  • Rounded Square (Solid)

Another option available to change the size of the Shortcode. There are some options for Shortcode size as below.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Add Short code

In this modal first of all, you have so many options to create Shortcode and each option has different relevant options. Let’s see the first common option in most of Shortcode.

ARPrice - Additional Short code

Height / Width :

You may need your Shortcodes like image, video with custom height or width so you can add height or width from this option. Blank will be auto height or width.

Auto play :

For Audio/Video you can enable Autoplay when a template is loaded.

Open in Light-box :

For Image/Video option Open in Lightbox is available to open media in separate Lightbox modal on click Shortcode media in the header.

Loop :

HTML5 Video and HTML5 Audio have a facility to play continuously starting again every time it is finished.

Now, let’s see each Shortcode available in ARPrice which is grouped into Image, Video, Audio and Other.

  • Image

    Here you will have the following options to get image Shortcode to be added in additional Shortcode.

    • Image URL :

      Here you need to select or upload images for your Shortcode section in the column.

    • Height
    • Width
    • Open in Light-box
  • Video

    You need to add Video id for each of following video Short codes. ( html5 Video has different options described at there. ). Another option is available here of Auto play and Open in Light-box.

    • Youtube video
    • Vimeo Video
    • html5 Video :

      This will allow to add different four types of video as following, and enable Loop here.

      • MP4 source
      • Webm source
      • Ogg source
      • Poster image source
    • Dailymotion Video
    • Metacafe Video
  • Audio

    For audio Short codes you will be asked to add Track id / Track URL for each of following audio Short codes. ( html5 Audio has different options described at there. ). Another option is available here of Height and Auto play.

    • html5 Audio :

      This will allow to add different three types of audio as following, and enable Loop here.

      • MP3 source
      • Ogg source
      • Wav source
    • Soundcloud Audio
    • Mixcloud Audio
    • Beatport Audio
  • Other

    All other type of media can be found here, ARPrice provides following other media.

    • Google Map :

      Google map requires following options described in detail,

      • Address :

        Enter proper address to initialize center of the map.

      • Height
      • Zoom level :

        Enter initial zooming level of the map.

      • Marker image source :

        Select custom image to display as marker.

      • Marker title :

        Enter marker title here to display in map.

      • Map info window content :

        Enter content here to display in info window of the map when click on marker.

      • Info window by default? :

        If this is checked info window will open on page load in map instead of on click marker.

    • Embed Block :

      Here you have textarea labeled as Embed where you can add your Embed code.

After configuring Short code click on Insert Short code button to add Short code in additional Short code input.

If your WordPress version is greater then 4.4, please make sure File URL is chosen at Link URL option while selecting WordPress media.
For more detail please visit Select/Upload WordPress Media section at Column Description Settings page.