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Column Options

Find each column related options here. Any change from here will be applied to all columns in the template and see an instant change in the editor.

ARPrice - Column Options

Let’s see each option in detail here.


Column Width

Here you can change the width of each column of your pricing table. The width should be in pixels.

Space between Columns

Here provide an option for you to set space between all columns. Space you have entered will be in pixels.

Responsive Column

Here you have a choice whether you want responsive columns or not. If you check Responsive column option columns width will be set automatically at responsive views. If you have not checked this option then columns will have fix width at all views.

Display Columns

Here display columns option allows you to select the number of columns to display at the mobile view and tablet view.

The number of columns to be displayed is dependent on the column’s width as well as a responsive option set or not.


If the Responsive column is set then the width will be divided equally to each column to be displayed. If the Responsive column is not set then columns will be displayed according to given column width.

Full column click-able

ARPrice provides a facility for making the entire column clickable. If this option is checked you will be able to run a button script or link by click on the full column. This facility will help if you want the default button/column footer hidden.

Column Radius

Here you have the option to set a column radius. You can set the radius for each corner individually in pixels.

The column radius will be disabled if you have selected column shadow style from effects.

Hide Caption Column

ARPrice provides some templates having caption columns with that you are also able to hide caption columns as you may no required of it.

Hide blank rows from bottom

ARPrice provides the option to hide blank rows. This will hide blank rows from the bottom only.

Hide Column Sections

You may not need a particular section of the template, for that ARPrice provides a unique feature to hide sections. This will help if you want only an informative template like persons’ profiles. If you select this option then the hidden section will blur in the editor.

Following section, you can hide :

  • Hide Header
  • Hide Shortcode
  • Hide Price
  • Hide Body
  • Hide Button


ARPrice also provides the facility to set the Opacity of your pricing table. If you used an image in your pricing table and you want to give opacity, you can do it from this option by just selecting the value for opacity and “save” pricing table.

Column Borders

Set column borders from here having other options as following,

  • Border Size
  • Border Type
  • Border Color
  • Border Position [Left, Right, Top, Bottom]

Row Borders

Set row borders at each column from here having another option as following,

  • Border Size
  • Border Type
  • Border Color

Button Style Options

Change style for the button of each column from here. Let’s see each option provided here.


Button Type :

ARPrice provides the number of button types that provides a better look for the button. Following is a list of button types provided by ARPrice.

  • Flat
  • Classic
  • Border
  • Reverse Border
  • Modern
  • Shadow


Border Radius :

Here you can set border radius for each column. You can set a radius for each corner individually in pixels.

Border radius will be disabled if you have selected column shadow style from effects.