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ARPrice provides an individual section to set column animation and effects.

Each option is described here in detail.

ARPrice - Effects

Background Image

Select and upload an image and set as a background image on template wrapper by click button placed on the right side.

Column Hover Effect

ARPrice provides column hover effect if you want any effects on column hover than switch on this option to enable active column effects and hover color changes. After enabling this option you can also set a hover effect from Select Hover Effect dropdown.

Select Hover Effect

Here you have the number of effects to apply on the column when hovering on it.

If you have selected column shadow styles then you will not be able to select the Shadow effect from here.

Following effects are provided by ARPrice :

  • Hover Effect
  • Shadow effect
  • Pulse
  • Shake
  • Swing
  • Hang
  • Wobble

Button Hover Effect

ARPrice also provides a button hover effect. You can enable or disable the button hover effect using this option. The hover effect only displays at the frontend or preview.

Column Shadow

ARPrice also provides different styles of column shadows which help to give columns a better look.

ARPrice provides five different column shadows.

If you select any column shadow style then column radius will be disabled, As well as this option will be visible only if you have not selected shadow effects from Effects option

Toggle Button

  • Price(Number) Spin Effect On Toggle

    If you enabled Toggle Price then you are able to use our another feature which is an animate price on switch toggle.

    To use this feature you have to wrap your pricing number with class arp_price_amount with span tag. It will animate numbers of pricing while toggling.

    If you have the price with comma(,) as a decimal separator and want to animate, then add arp_comma_decimal class in the span tag.

Sticky Header

Enabling the sticky header option, pricing table column header will be sticky on top while scrolling the page until the pricing table column finished the scrolling. You can also set the margin from top to set some space from top for sticky header (Useful for top sticky menu bar).

Sticky Header will not work when Column Rotation is enabled.

ARPrice - Sticky Header

Column Rotation

Here we are provided a unique feature of column rotation which will display your columns in the slider. If you enable column rotation then other options related to rotation will be enabled which are described here.

  • Visible Columns

    Here you have a choice to display the number of columns according to your requirements.

  • Columns to scroll

    Here a number of columns you have set will be slide on navigation.

  • Transition Speed

    Here you are able to set the speed of sliding your columns. Speed will be in millisecond.

  • Auto play

    If you check this option your columns will rotate automatically according to speed you have set. This will help if you do not want the navigation button or pagination button.

  • Sticky Caption Column

    This option will be available only at those templates which have caption column. Here if you caption column not to scroll when column rotation enabled then you are able to have this option.

    This will work only for desktop or tablet view.

  • Navigation Button

    Here you have choice whether you want navigation on or off. If you select on here then you will have navigation buttons.

  • Pagination Button

    Here you have a choice of position for pagination buttons whether you want top or bottom. You are also able to set off if you do not want pagination buttons. If you select top or bottom then you will have pagination buttons according to the position you have selected.

  • Navigation Effects

    Here you are provided a number of effects to navigate your columns beautifully.