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Import ARPrice lite version templates

ARPrice 3.2 will provide the facility to import the templates from the lite version of ARPrice.

To use this feature you should have installed and active ARPrice Lite 2.0 or higher.

If you meet the above requirement then you’ll find a section in ARPrice Import/Export page. Where your ARPrice lite version templates are listed.

ARPrice - Import Lite templates

You just need to click on the import button and the ARPrice lite table will be imported in the ARPrice Pro version and you’ll be redirected to the editor with the imported table.

Also, you can import ARPrice lite template to ARPrice pro version from one domain to another domain with a little bit of tweaking. Just follow the below steps

  1. Export the ARPrice lite template from your old domain
  2. Install ARPrice lite 2.0 or higher on your new domain
  3. First, Import the template in the ARPrice lite on your new domain
  4. Now go to Import Export page in the pro version of ARPrice and import the lite templates from there