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Chargebee Integration

ARPrice supports Chargebee Integration. You need to follow the below steps to integrate Chargebee with ARPrice.

1. You’ll have a script tag received from the Chargebee account which you need to place in the header section of your website. To do so, you can use the following methods.

Using theme header file (Recommended)

  1. You can add the script tag in your theme header.php file.
  2. You can modify the header.php using the WordPress theme editor or you can use any editor plugin to modify the file.
  3. The script tag will look like this: <script src="https://js.chargebee.com/v2/chargebee.js" data-cb-site="your site name"></script>
  4. Add the above script tag before </head>.
  5. Save the file and that’s it
  6. Note: If you update the theme, then you need to follow the above steps again as updating theme will remove the code.

Using third party plugin

  1. You can use any third party plugin which gives facility to add script into header
  2. If you want to use this method, we suggest (but not recommended as third party plugins are not a part of ARPrice and may cause conflict so please use the plugin which works on your website) Insert Headers and Footers plugin.
  3. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Insert Headers and Footers page
  4. Insert <script src="https://js.chargebee.com/v2/chargebee.js" data-cb-site="your site name"></script> code in the Scripts in Header section and save the settings.

2. Now, you’ll need to add the button in the ARPrice. Please follow the below steps for that.

  1. Open the pricing table in the editor
  2. Open the pricing table button link settings
  3. Add your button code with an extra class attribute to match the Chargebee button design with the pricing table. Add <a href="#" onclick="return false;" data-cb-type="checkout" class="bestPlanButton" data-cb-plan-id="Chargebee Plan Id" >Your Button Text</a> in the embed script and enable Hide default button option.

  4. ARPrice - Chargebee Integration

  5. Save the pricing table and that’s it