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ARPrice exclusively add Element in King Composer Page Builder, which facilitates to add template in a page just like an element.

ARPrice - King Composer Support

ARPrice element will let you select your saved templates from the dropdown. When you select/change the template in the dropdown you will find ARPrice table shortcode placed at King Composer Row on your page as you can see in the following screenshot.

ARPrice - King Composer Shortcode

After selection press ESC or close icon to close the popup of pricing table selection. You will find the ARPrice template preview there. Let’s see each step to add ARPrice table using King Composer Page Builder:

  1. You need to add a Row in page.
  2. You will have ARPrice shortcode block in King Composer popup from where you can select/change ARPrice template and enter a title for your template in your page
  3. After the selection of a template, you just need to save and all done.

ARPrice - King Composer Preview