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Real Time Editor

ARPrice is the only pricing table plugin worldwide to provide this type of state of the art Editor. Its real user friend that any novice person too can create beautiful pricing tables and put on page without having any programming knowledge.

Following picture shows you a basic view of editor. Detailed explanation of each portion is explained in separate sections.

ARPrice - Real time Editor

There are lots of options for template, columns and inner sections of column like colors, size, fonts etc.

As you can see in picture there are options in right corner. Each of these are described in detail at separate sections.

Template Width

You are able to set width of your template in pixels according to your requirements from right corner. It will be applied to your template Right away.

You will able to see a line at our real time editor which will wrap your template according to given width.

Number of columns in a row will be arranged according to template width you have set.

For Example, If you set width 1000px and column width set 200px then you will have 5 columns in a row.

Custom Colors

Please visit Custom Color Options page to get more detail on unlimited colors facility.

Other basic facilities are also there which are following with basic description

  • Editable Template Title :

    You can see in left top ARPrice gives default template title which can be edited.

  • Save :

    At top right corner first icon is to save your template.

  • Preview :

    At top right corner second icon is to get preview of template before save customization of template. You can get more about this feature at Pricing Table Preview.

  • Cancel/Close :

    At last there is basic close/cancel icon to get out of template editor and go back to ARPrice home.

Added Invalid/Broken HTML?

While you are adding/changing content at any section of any column in pricing table, if your content has invalid HTML structure then you will have alert at there when you come out of textarea with two action buttons of either fixing the content or to ignore it.

So if you need your content to be fixed please click on Fix button, it will fix your content in textarea.