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Body Settings

Hover on the body section of a particular column, you will get options to customize each row of that column.

ARPrice - Drag and Drop Row

Rearrange Rows

If you need to change the sequence of rows in the column, ARPrice makes it easy by just Drag and Drop the row in the column.

Add New Row

When you hover on the row you’ll get the option Add New Row on the right side, using that you will add a new row in the column.

Now to customize particular row please hover on row and get options described in detail below.

Description Settings

This contains options to customize content of particular row.

ARPrice - Description Settings

Row Content Type :

ARPrice allows to add row level button which can be done from here.

  • HTML/Text : This is default selected and adds row content as normal.
  • Button : This will add your row description in the button of the row.

Button at row description will have the same CSS as in the footer button in the column. You may apply custom CSS to make it different.

Description :

Through this, you can change the content of a particular row and also add images or font icons in the row description from the two options and bottom of description.

You can navigate to top row or bottom row and next column or previous column for same option by click on arrows given below at options box.

tool-tip Settings

ARPrice allows you to set tool-tip for a particular row with various styles and effects.

tool-tip :

Here you can add content to display in the tooltip for a particular row. Blank will not set tool-tip for a row. Also, add font icons in tool-tip content from the bottom option of Add Font Icons at there.

ARPrice - tool-tip Settings

CSS Properties

ARPrice also provides separate options to customize a particular row using custom CSS for Normal State as well as Hover State of row.

Here at the end of the option, you can get a few examples of CSS properties that can be used by just one click. It means when you click on it, it will add in the textarea of Custom CSS.

ARPrice - CSS Properties

Please make sure you need to add CSS properties only.

Duplicate Row

To add a new row with the same content and settings of a particular row, ARPrice allows cloning particular row by just click on duplicate row option. This reduces rework on the new column.

Delete Row

At last, you have the option to delete any particular row. As you can see in the following picture on click this option you will be asked for confirmation before delete row.

ARPrice - Add, Duplicate and Delete Row

Content Settings

ARPrice provide some templates with caption column. So hover on caption column body section you will get options of Add New Row and Content Settings.

At caption column content settings you will find following options,

  • Text Alignment
  • Font Family
  • Font Size