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WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce integration with ARPrice is quite easy and with that ARPrice pricing table will work like a WooCommerce Product

To integrate WooCommerce with ARPrice pricing table, just follow below steps

  1. First, you should have the product in your WooCommerce product section
  2. Create a pricing table plans with the details of the product
  3. Click on the button link option and add WooCommerce Add to Cart shortcode in the embed script.
  4. Save the form and publish the shortcode in the front end
  5. Now when you click on the pricing table button, the product will automatically add in the WooCommerce cart
  6. You can also display WooCommerce add to cart button instead of Pricing Table Button by enabling the ‘Hide default button’ option from button link options of ARPrice.

ARPrice - WooCommerce Integration