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ARPrice allows setting tool-tip on each row for that purpose ARPrice also provides another tool-tip styling options which you can find here.

ARPrice - tool-tip Settings

Let’s see each option provided here:

Display Style

ARPrice provides three types of tool-tip which are following,

  • Normal
  • Alert
  • Glass

Show Info Icon

By default tool-tip displayed on hover at full row but ARPrice provides another way to display tool-tip only on hover or click on the information icon. If this option is checked following options will get visible here,

  • tool-tip Icon

    Change the tool-tip icon from here to be displayed in rows to indicate tool-tip.

  • Icon Position

    ARPrice allows you to display a tool-tip icon at either Right Align or Float to Content.

Animation Effect

There are different animation effects for tool-tip to display which are,

  • grow
  • fade
  • swing
  • slide
  • fall

tool-tip Width

Set tool-tip width in pixels to display, width (0) zero value indicate auto width.

Show On

You have a choice here to either display tool-tip on click or hover.

tool-tip Position

By default tool-tip displays at the top position but you can change position to left, right, top, or bottom from here.