ARPrice Scholarship Program

ARPrice Scholarship Program

ARPrice has always encouraged every single person, We take the pleasure to congratulate you for being chosen for ARPrice Scholarship. This scholarship will be allocated to you in two installments. You will be allocated the first installment after the verification of your enrollment in the first-semester expertise and the residual in the next semesters. The total allowance of the scholarship would be $2000.

This is the scholarship run by ARPrice WordPress Pricing Table Plugin which donates funds every year to facilitate the discovering of warranting scholars of your college would like to get higher learning. We are certain that this scholarship will help you reside your aspirations to study well and accomplish all your goals.

We are joyous to announce that you are one amidst such scholars we are in search for. We are sure with this scholarship you can focus on your inquiries without bothering about the investments.

We wish you good luck and believe that you will utilize the best of this scholarship.

How are we going to select the winner of the $2000 Scholarship?

First, you have to Write An Article on your choice of topic, and the length of the Article should be 1000 words.

Leaving you in suspense to guess would be unfair, so we thought to add a couple of hints to help you find the breadcrumbs in the forest. All you have to do is to use your intellectual mind to follow the breadcrumbs and find yourself in the winner zone.


The concept of professionalism in the corporate sector is quite unethical, and that’s not what we are going to look at it. Professionalism is not about wearing a tie and formal wear, but we have a different perspective on professionalism.

We judge you and your skills based on your entry. We don’t mind if the entry is not well polished, but we look closely at how much effort you have put into your entry. We look into your answers and how much you mean to them and how well your demonstrative skills are. Don’t worry about perfection because no one is perfect, but make sure to put your best effort.


In the corporate sector, we often find people who lack originality and fake their personality. We don’t support and encourage them, and we only care for people who are original. We take a closer look at your intentions and originality and uniqueness of your entry. We have described that originality and uniqueness create more buzz than an ordinary one.

There are three points you have to take care,

One: Originality in your entries.

Two: Uniqueness shall be your primary source of strength.

Three: How much effort you have put in it always counts.


The world has seen many great people come forward and when you look at their Elementary, High-school, and College scores, then you are surprised. The unpopular guy in the school is now called a genius around the world, and that’s how it works. If your article doesn’t fit be submitted, then improve, but make sure to send your best piece. We look at the effort you put into the essay, not the scores.

How to Apply?

You need to fill in some blanks to apply. You have to mail us with your details in order, and we will look into your profile.

  1. Your first name and last name.
  2. House address with an alternative email address.
  3. University name with identity proof.
  4. 1000 words of the article.
  5. Your valid phone number with an alternative number.

Create an email and add details with the 1000 words of the essay, then send it to [email protected]

Entries are open now!

Make sure to Apply and Submit by the deadline of 31/12/2019. We will announce the winner of the ARPrice $2000 Scholarship winner by 15/01/2020.

Notes: If you have still any doubts and query regarding this you can feel free to contact us. [email protected]